4 Ways To Make Every Working Week Great

By Charlie Fenwick

We appreciate that we should strive for a great day, every day. However, as microbusiness owners (MB), this is an unrealistic expectation that you shouldn’t place upon yourselves unless you want a fast track to burnout! 

It’s nearly impossible to make every day, out of the 365 days in the year, a 'great' day.

Hiccups happen. Technology breaks, accidents occur, customers cancel… but it’s how you pick yourself up and turn your day (and subsequent week) around that counts.

We have looked at 4 easy ways to make every working week not only good, but great.


1. Short Term Plans

Firstly, stick to short term plans that you review at the end of each week.

These can be reviewed in relation to your long-term goals, so as the week progresses, the distance between yourselves and the end result is consistently always getting shorter. Quick win!

To-do lists are a great tool to use for visual satisfaction and subsequent feelings of achievement. Itemise the problems that you need solving and as the week develops, your mentality will improve as you see the list decreasing.


2. Self-Love

At Pocket PA we’ve always believed ‘you should treat people how you want to be treated’… and this extends to yourself. We appreciate that life is busy (especially when you’re your own boss) but you need to remember to always be kind to yourself.

Whether that’s nurturing your body with good food, nurturing your mind with a good book or even nurturing your soul with some good company (any excuse for a wine with the girls on a Friday night).

Practising self-love will increase your inner contentment, which in return will strengthen your individual foundations. You can’t give your best self to your customers if you’re only 60, 70 maybe 80% happy with yourself and what you have to offer.


3. Gratitude

The act of starting and ending your day with a few moments reflecting on what you’re grateful for can sound cliché, but it’s a great way to remember what is going well in life; rather than what hurdles lay ahead.

Listing 3 simple things every morning will reset you mentally and provide a fresh perspective for the day ahead.

Similarly, ending the day with another few things that you’re grateful for, will strengthen your ability to navigate yourself through the trials and tribulations of being self-employed.

Being your own boss is far from easy, and with that comes the responsibility of cash management, decision making and competitive networking… therefore, it is pivotal that you remind yourself of what is going well, to minimise any over-whelming feelings that come with being a MB owner.


4. Routine

Establish a routine that you want to get out of bed for.

Do you love coffee, Weetabix, or a morning with Holly & Phil on ITV… Invest in what makes you feel good.

Buy a deluxe coffee machine, so you not only minimise spends on daily Starbucks, but you can wake up knowing your morning treat is only a few feet away. Similarly, if you love your morning TV fix, then schedule 30 minutes whilst you’re having your breakfast.

It’s easy to get into a bad routine of staying in bed for 30 minutes, flicking through your phone and getting side tracked with social media feeds.  But this creates a tiresome atmosphere for the day ahead and doesn’t entice a vibrant and energetic day.  And when you’re your own boss, every day needs to be productive.

How about a brisk walk in the fresh air, with a steaming hot home-made coffee and listening to an inspiring podcast as you lap everyone still in bed?


We hope these 4 tips entice you to make every week a great week and we look forward to hearing how you get on!