Frequently Asked Questions

We have a small team to help you with your questions. Please read through our FAQ first incase these can help you quickly

Q: Can I use Pocket PA on my mobile phone?

Yes! Its VERY mobile friendly on iOS or Android. Go to your preferred web browser and type in and log into your account from the top right button LOG IN.
Once you are logged in you can save this as a shortcut to your homepage so its easily accessible anytime.
Remember you will need internet to open the app each time as your account is stored on the cloud to ensure its available 24/7/365.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Yes you are free to stop your subscription at any time!
You do not need to give any notice. Any remaining time that has been paid for will still continue until your expiry date. No partial refunds for unused periods are given as access to all data will remain in place until expiry.
Once your free trial or subscription ends, we will keep your stored data safe for 90 days in case you change your mind and want to come back and renew your subscription and upgrade.
After 90 days, all data will be deleted and you would need to start again.

Q: How can I connect with STRIPE for card payments and clickable invoicing?

Go to Account Set Up > Sales & Invoice Set Up > STRIPE integration and are payments.
Select the button CONNECT TO STRIPE and you will be taken to the STRIPE set up screen to enter in your business details and bank account where you want your monies to be paid into.
If you don’t have a website, just add your facebook or instagram page instead in the required field.
Once you have created your STRIPE account you can customise the set up further in the STRIPE dashboard with your logo, colours, payment terms etc

Q: I want to change the STRIPE account I am connected to - how do I do this?

Go to Account Set Up > Sales & Invoice Set Up > STRIPE integration and are payments.
Select the button DISCONNECT FROM STRIPE and you will be disconnected and unable to take any card payments or send invoices until this is activated and connected to your STRIPE account

Q: Do I need a card-reader to take card payments?

No, all payments are taken inside the app using STRIPE.
You will just need an Internet connection - WiFi or 3G - but no Bluetooth or card reader.
Payments are all secure using STRIPE and no card details are stored for your customers to worry about.

Q: How do I create an appointment?

Use the top right + button to bring a drop down box of 9 icons - from here you can add an appointment quickly by pressing Appointment
Select your client and service and choose your appointment date and time and location - then press save.
You can also add a new appointment (or private appointment) from the bottom of the dashboard using the + button
And from the Client details screen once you are under the Appointment tab - click on the + button in the bottom right

Q: How do I edit my clients details?

Select ‘Clients’ from the left hand drop down menu.
Select the client you wish to edit (you can search for them quickly by typing in their name to the Search field)
Once you are on the Clients details screen, scroll down to the MORE OPTIONS button and select to Edit
Once you are in edit mode you can update or add to your clients information - this includes being able to add a photo to their profile details.

Q: What if I don’t have an email for my client?

You do not need an email address to save a new client. However you will be unable to send them invoices or any reminder / thank you messages by email until this is completed.

Q: I want to take card payments but it does not show up in my list of options for Payments

You will need to select your payment options so go to Account Set Up > Sales And Invoice Set Up / Payment Method & Currency Options
by switching the CARD PAYMENT button to ON at the bottom, you will be directed to Sales & Invoice Set Up > STRIPE integration and are payments where you need to connect or set up your STRIPE account.
Once this is done, you will always see the option to take card payments.

Q: Are my customers card details stored in my phone?

No, this cannot happen and your customers details are totally safe and not reusable. All transactions take place on the secure STRIPE platform and they do not hold any card details for future use.

Q: How can I send reminder SMS messages?

Keeping your diary full and busy is part of what keeps your profits high so reminding clients of your upcoming appointments is very important to minimise forgotten or missed appointments.
Go to Account Set Up > Client Notification Area / SMS Notification and purchase your credit bundles so you can send automated SMS reminders.
Customise your message and set up how far in advance you want messages to be sent.
You can also schedule Thank you SMS messages to be sent after each appointment in the same area.
Each function can be individually switched ON/OFF using the buttons.

Q: I have set up reminder SMS messaging but my customer did not get the text

Ensure you have the right country code selected for every client you wish to send an SMS message to as without this your message will not get sent. Check this by looking in your client detail screen and checking the country code is showing in front of their mobile phone number. There is also a HISTORY tab under the SMS Notifications area to show you all messages successfully send to your client so check here first to see if it's gone out.

Q: How can I see how much I have spent on business expenses each week / month or year?

Go to your business expense screen from the menu list on the left hand side
In here you will see a full list of itemised expenses you have entered along with info of Expense category / recurring expense and whether or not you added in a receipt.
All data can be exported using the EXPORT button top right.

Q: Can I choose which days & times I show as working for ONLINE BOOKING?

Yes you can select the days you want to appear for your customers when they access your diary for ONLINE BOOKINGS.
Set this up in your Account Set Up > Calendar & Times and switch the days ON/OFF for online booking on the right hand side.

Q: Can I keep receipts safe for my business expenses?

Add Business Expense and add a photo of the receipt - it will all be saved securely in the cloud to review or look at again anytime

Q: How do I see how much Profit I am making?

Look on the Dashboard at the Net Income Dial on the right hand side for a quick overview for any given week / month or year - it is coloured red / green.
The number in the middle is the difference between your physically received income for that period minus your paid out expenses for that same period.
You can toggle between the week /month and year dates to see how this changes.
For more in depth information on your Profit, select the Net Income from the left hand drop down.
Once in this screen you have the same information but also you can customise the date ranges and see it on a graph.
All data can be exported directly by selecting the top right EXPORT button in this screen and download it as a csv / pdf or excel file to your computer.

Q: How do I give all my income and expense information to my accountant?

At the top right of each screen, there is an EXPORT button. By pressing this on each screen eg Income, business expenses you will have a date range you can select and then choose between your export preference of csv / pdf or excel file view. The spreadsheet will download to your computer for you to open directly or to email onwards. There is also an automated option under Account Set Up and Helpful Tools to give you the option get this information sent automatically to you each week or month or year - just choose your preference in the set up and a link will be sent to your inbox with the required information in either a css, excel or pdf format.

Q: How can I see who still owes me money?

On the Dashboard there is an ‘Expected income Dial’ with red text saying ‘Still to Pay’ and this shows you how much money is due still from unpaid appointments.
If you CLICK on the red ‘Still to Pay’ line it will take you directly to a full list of appointments and sales where money remains outstanding.
From each appointment or sale (2 separate tabs) where money remains due, you can then click on the clients name and phone number / email to follow it up - or send an invoice to them if you prefer to collect the money online.

Q: How can I see my ‘best paying clients’?

Its great to know which clients spend the most with you, whether by sales or through appointments.
Go to your Client list from the menu on the left hand side.
Once you have a full list of all your clients, click on the word Payments above the columns of information.
This will sort your client list to show your highest to your lowest paying client - pressing it again will reverse the order.
Great info if you want to know where to focus your efforts and reward with offers.
Likewise you can sort your clients according to those buying the most or having the most / least appointments with you.
Please note that you will need to look at this on your computer or tablet as this feature is not viewable from your mobile device.

Q: Can I export my appointments to my usual diary?

We give the option to link all your Pocket PA appointments straight into your Google calendar but this feature is not yet available for iCal or Outlook. Set this up in Account Set Up > Calendar & Times by linking Pocket PA to your Google diary. But dont forget you can add all your Private appointments straight into Pocket PA so maybe you might make THIS your main calendar?!

Q: How safe is my data?

All of your data is kept on a cloud with Amazon Web Services. We have chosen them as they are renowned globally with a very secure and reliable reputation worldwide.

Q: Can my clients pay using Apple Pay?

YES they can do this via the INVOICING feature - please read the below carefully.
Apple Pay can be used by your clients once you send them an invoice.

Once your client receives your emailed invoice on their Apple device, they need to click on the link in the email to pay and their iPhone, Apple tablet or MAC device should offer them the option to pay by Apple Pay as long as their device is registered for this.  

It is very quick and simple to pay this way - so if you have a client with you and they want to make a payment using Apple Pay there and then, just send them the invoice whilst they are with you and they can open the email and click on it in front of you.  

You will see it marked as PAID on your Income Dial as soon as the payment has been registered by STRIPE.