Running a Cake Making Business with Pocket PA

Running a Cake Making Business with Pocket PA

Being an amazing cake maker means you will no doubt have a combined flair and fabulous talent for all things creative and delicious. 

And we know that this may not always automatically translate directly into numeracy and managing your finances! 

But just because you are a boss in the home baking business, it does not mean that you cannot run an incredibly successful home cake making enterprise which is also very profitable.

Working smarter and not harder is easy these days when there is a one-stop-solution called Pocket PA available to help you!  It’s a web-based app which brings together all the multiple apps out there and beautifully replaces them all in one handy and easy to use powerful business tool.

The Pocket PA Boss Calculator
Enter in the boxes below, to work out how much time you're spending on admin tasks, that could be spent earning more money instead!
£325 Potential Extra Income Per Week*
Reveal Per month
£325 Potential Extra Income Per Week*
Reveal Per Year
£325 Potential Extra Income Per Week*
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* Figures based on using PPA for 1 hour per week

Getting rid of this fragmented approach to running your workflow, means that this cake business app can eliminate overwhelm and help get you organised and right on top of the financial health of your business with just a few clicks.

No more stress and worrying about finding non-existent time to do the many admin jobs we all dislike, but still ‘have to be done’!

Add all the cakes or baked goods you offer quickly and easily with a couple of clicks, directly into the list of Products in Pocket PA.   Snap a photo next to each one so it looks great when you are scrolling through and then you are set and ready to sell!

Each time someone orders a cake or you sell anything, you add the sale and mark it against the client who has bought it. If you have a shop or stall or want to just register it as a sale then you don't have to add a name it but it's handy to see how much you sell at regular locations you sell from so it's easy to group them together.

Once you register a sale, it shows up on your Expected Income Due dial and gets greener and greener as all the money is collected.  It's great to see how much you are earning in any week, month or year so you can compare and set targets to reach.

It's so satisfying to see your earnings recorded and makes you feel proud of all you are achieving in your cake making business.


Pocket PA Features

See how this powerful business tool can help you work smarter and not harder to help you feel organised and save time and money every single day.
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Business Expense Tracking on the go
Business Expense Tracking on the go

Whether you are a birthday cake specialist, cupcake maker or just creating your own speciality baked goods for different customers or clients, it’s vital that you are keeping on top of your income and expense tracking on a daily or weekly basis for maximum efficiency. 

Pocket PA is a nifty tool which allows you to snap, sort and store your business receipts for any ingredients, equipment and running expense and save them in the cloud for access 24/7 from your phone, tablet or computer. 

And seeing who still owes you money is simple with the touch of one button to list outstanding payments due for any orders you have taken.

personal trainer billy sach
Billy Sach
Personal Trainer
It works fantastically for my business, reducing stress as I can see immediately if clients have made their payments and go through my income, as well as chase anyone that still needs to pay.
eyelash extensions by Megan
Eyelash Extensions
As a new small business owner, I never knew what I was really earning from my payments and expenses. But now using Pocket PA, I know my real income every day. The app has been a game-changer for my business.
Nicola Merritt Beauty
Nicola Merritt
My biggest frustration was managing lateness and people forgetting their appointments so Pocket PA covers this beautifully by automatically sending SMS’s to everyone. My clients love these reminders.
Bren Parker-Knights, food editor
Bren Parker-Knights
Food Editor
I always used to be in a muddle and Pocket PA has revolutionised how I work - everything is in one place. All the colours make it so easy. Even though I am a bit of a technophobe I found it quick to set up - its fantastic!
Olivia Mae
Olivia Mae
La’Vella Hair
Managing my diary and reducing my business admin headaches allows me to respond quickly to my customers and take pride in what I have created!
Kireen Rooney Knits & Bobs
Kireen Rooney
Knits & Bobs
Pocket PA gives me a really good overview of what my expenditure & income is. As an invoice gets paid, it gets logged straight into the app so I can see up to the minute what payments are made.
Tracking Cashless Payments and sending Invoices means getting Paid Fast
Tracking Cashless Payments and sending Invoices means getting Paid Fast

Recording payments is just as easy with a couple of clicks in this app for bakery orders and it shows on a visual income dial that’s easy to understand and review. 

If your clients want to make a card payment, its simple to do with Pocket PA as it takes in-app card payments with no card reader needed. Fast, simple and convenient for both you and your customers and it gets logged straight to your income dial automatically.

Tracking all your sales for each client keeps you clear on what payments you have taken for which orders. So it’s easy to see how much you are making each week, month or year on the income dial.  You can record any deposits or staged payments for larger orders like Wedding cakes where the Bride and Groom want to pay over a longer period to keep it affordable.  Pocket PA keeps tabs on it all for you.

You can also get paid faster with cake invoicing by sending your clients an email which has a clickable link inside for them to pay you.  Once they make the payment to you online, it will automatically be logged and show on your income dial – super simple with this baked goods invoice creator!

Using Pocket PA can help Skyrocket your Profits
Using Pocket PA can help Skyrocket your Profits

Having a system to keep your digital records means you will be ahead of the curve once Making Tax Digital (MTD) comes into place for all self-employed micro business owners.  When that happens, you will have to record both income and expenses by law on an MTD digitally compliant software system so get organised early and find the best digital record keeping software now.

The app is totally free for you to try out for 30 days so you can see exactly how it can skyrocket your business efficiency and eliminate wasted time on your admin.  After that, there is a low-cost, affordable monthly or annual plan for you to choose.  And even better, it’s also classed as a 100% tax-deductible business expense so a total win-win for both you and your purse.


Having an amazing talent in the kitchen does not mean you cannot understand the numbers.  So, put the kettle on and reward yourself by using this powerful business tool and use Pocket PA so you’ll always know you are not ‘cooking the books’!

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