The Best Barber App for your Business

The Best Barber App for your Business

Freelance Barbers are always in demand and if you’re a busy barber trying to get organised then you need an online scheduling barber app called Pocket PA to help you manage all your appointments and money all in one place.  Its simple, affordable and once you try it, you’ll never look back.

Good booking apps for barbers will let mobile barbers focus on that perfect sharp cut, trimming beards and lavishing plenty of attention on their male clients - as most times they do not want to spend any unnecessary time on their business admin

Cue Pocket PA - created exactly to help every self-employed barber take care of their work “admin-stuff’ on the go from their phone, tablet or computer in a convenient and affordable way.   It’s a powerful web-based app that manages all your clients, appointments, invoicing and accounts and totally takes the stress and overwhelm out of working for yourself and running a busy mobile barber business.  

Whether you are on to your 4th beard trim of the day or are trying to fit in a late client around your lunchbreak, recording payments and tracking business expenses can seem like that one-step too far chore that you could really just do without at the end of yet another busy day! 

And whether you use all the many features or just a couple of the amazing benefits that this barber appointment app offers, you will still be getting yourself super organised and saving precious time and money in the process.

The Pocket PA Boss Calculator
Enter in the boxes below, to work out how much time you're spending on admin tasks, that could be spent earning more money instead!
£325 Potential Extra Income Per Week*
Reveal Per month
£325 Potential Extra Income Per Week*
Reveal Per Year
£325 Potential Extra Income Per Week*
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* Figures based on using PPA for 1 hour per week
The One-Stop Powerful Business Tool for Barbers

The app is perfect if you are a barber who rents a chair in a busy barbershop but it also works really well for any mobile independent barbers who visits clients at home or out and about for their trim, restyle or shave because there’s a directions button which helps you get between all your clients in the fastest possible time.  It puts each clients' address into Google maps so you can dodge the traffic and spend more time with your clients. And it tracks every business mile you make so you can claim it back and increase your profits.

As a professional barber getting your appointment scheduling spot on is vital, because if people don't turn up at the right time and on the right day it can throw things into chaos. Pocket PA has a beautifully colour-coded diary which makes it easy to see what's going on each day.   Drag and drop scheduling is included as standard and you can see at a glance how much is due to be paid any given week, month or year on the ‘Expected income’ dial.

There’s an online booking tool that can be integrated into your website or Instagram and Facebook account so you can take bookings and get filling your empty slots whilst you are working or even fast asleep!  Perfect for freelance barbers to maximise their earning potential.

Pocket PA can even send automated SMS or email reminder messages to all your clients to minimise and eliminate any forgotten and last-minute cancellations which keeps your appointments on track and maximises your earning potential.


Pocket PA Features

See how this powerful business tool can help you work smarter and not harder to help you feel organised and save time and money every single day.
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The Client Scheduling and Payment App for Barbers
The Client Scheduling and Payment App for Barbers

When you use a powerful business tool like Pocket PA you can track your income and payments with the click of a few buttons. And finding out who still owes you money is a doddle on this booking app for barbers because there is a single red button which shows you all the clients who have yet not paid in full. 

Taking and tracking payments from your clients is simple with PPA as it can take in-app card payments using Stripe so you won’t need a card reader and the receipt is sent straight to your clients' inbox by email.

And client billing has also never been easier as Pocket PA lets you send a personalised invoice directly to your clients with a clickable link for them to pay straight into your account which then gets automatically logged onto your income dial.

So, if you’re too busy sterilising scissors, combs and clippers to focus as much time as you’d like on your finances, tracking your business expenses with the app is simple when you snap, sort and store all your receipts which get saved onto the cloud for easy access 24/7.  They are always available for you to refer back to or whenever your accountant asks to see them. 

personal trainer billy sach
Billy Sach
Personal Trainer
It works fantastically for my business, reducing stress as I can see immediately if clients have made their payments and go through my income, as well as chase anyone that still needs to pay.
eyelash extensions by Megan
Eyelash Extensions
As a new small business owner, I never knew what I was really earning from my payments and expenses. But now using Pocket PA, I know my real income every day. The app has been a game-changer for my business.
Nicola Merritt Beauty
Nicola Merritt
My biggest frustration was managing lateness and people forgetting their appointments so Pocket PA covers this beautifully by automatically sending SMS’s to everyone. My clients love these reminders.
Bren Parker-Knights, food editor
Bren Parker-Knights
Food Editor
I always used to be in a muddle and Pocket PA has revolutionised how I work - everything is in one place. All the colours make it so easy. Even though I am a bit of a technophobe I found it quick to set up - its fantastic!
Olivia Mae
Olivia Mae
La’Vella Hair
Managing my diary and reducing my business admin headaches allows me to respond quickly to my customers and take pride in what I have created!
Kireen Rooney Knits & Bobs
Kireen Rooney
Knits & Bobs
Pocket PA gives me a really good overview of what my expenditure & income is. As an invoice gets paid, it gets logged straight into the app so I can see up to the minute what payments are made.
Understanding the Financial Health of your Business
Understanding the Financial Health of your Business

Using a one-stop solution where you can manage all your clients, appointments, invoicing and accounts in a single cloud-based tool is convenient as using this great barber app means you don’t need to use multiple apps which often don’t talk to each other.  It keeps you on top of all your clients and money in a single tool that is easy to use and a great alternative to Booksy and other barber apps on the market.

Understanding the financial health of your business as a barber keeps you one step ahead and it couldn't be easier using Pocket PA as it has one-click visual dials to give an overview of exactly what the difference is between your income and expenses.  This is your profit – result!

Having a system to keep digital records for your growing business, means you will also be ahead of the curve once Making Tax Digital (MTD) comes into place for all self-employed micro business owners.  When that happens, you will have to record both income and expenses by law on an MTD digitally compliant software system so get organised early and find the best digital record keeping software now. 

No Risk 30-Day Free Trial for every Barber
No Risk 30-Day Free Trial for every Barber

Pocket PA gives a completely free 30-day trial for you try out everything it offers and after that, there is a low-cost affordable monthly or annual plan which is 100% tax-deductible as a business expense - so it’s a win-win for your purse and business and it will keep you organised and on top of things 24/7. 

Lots of help is on hand if you do have any questions but we think you will find it so easy to use that you will be working like a boss in no time!

The Best One-Stop App for a Freelance Barbers

Male grooming and making your clients look fabulous is simple for you as an experienced barber, but make your own life much simpler by treating yourself to Pocket PA, a good barber app to ensure you are always one step ahead of the competition and bad hair days are always a thing of the past!