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Pocket PA is the one-stop digital tool that connects your clients, appointments, sales, payments, invoices, expenses and accounts without using spreadsheets.
All from £12.49 per month - less than your weekly cup of coffee! Manage and organise it all in one place.


The only tool you’ll ever need to run your business

Understand and grow your business fast, without needing a maths degree. No spreadsheets, no jargon, just business made simple in colour.


Save time, make more money, and focus on your passion

Spend less time doing business admin. More time growing your business & doing what you love.
Let Pocket PA take care of the rest

Made to fit your business

Let’s face it, no-one starts a business to spend more time on business admin. Time to say hello to Pocket PA - whatever your passion, we have you covered.

You can connect & manage your clients, appointments, sales, payments, invoices, expenses, and accounts in one place. It’s simple to set up and has fully customisable screens!

We’ve included automated clever tools that help you work smarter like the advanced online booking system. Your clients can book 24/7 so you can fill your diary while you sleep! Good one!

Get organised and watch your profits skyrocket!
Stress Free & Easy to use - no jargon guaranteed
From colour coded appointments and online bookings, to tracking outstanding payments and managing your accounts. It’s never been simpler to run your business.
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One-stop business app that joins
up all the dots
The digital assistant that connects your clients, appointments, sales, payments, invoices, expenses, and accounts. Manage and organise everything in one place.
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Made with love by a mum for her daughter
That’s why we know exactly what you need! No jargon or complicated things to learn. Pocket PA is simple, colour coded, convenient and super mobile friendly.
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Why our customers love it

Very straight forward to customise all your screens. Takes minutes to set up. Working to make you look 100% Professional at all times and on top of building your empire.

Keep track of your clients. Connect with them to build your income.

Your clients choose you for your talent & passion. Let Pocket PA take care of the rest. A seamless customer experience that makes you look professional, keeps them coming back and leaves you free to focus on what you love.

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Your calendar and appointments at a glance.

Sophisticated yet simple to use advanced online booking system lets you spend more time with your clients. Fully customisable. Easy to set up and share. You can even take bookings while you sleep, including securing a deposit payment upfront if required!

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Understanding your business finances

You don’t need a maths degree to skyrocket your profits. Your expected income due dial shows exactly what you will earn any week, month or year. With only one click you can track business mileage, snap receipts, record expenses and check your outstanding payments.

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It’s never been easier to get paid fast & earn more.

Use easy invoicing to collect money due now or late payments owed to you. In app cashless transactions make it super easy and fast to collect payments and tracks them straight to your income dial!

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What our customers say

Julia Hopwood

My Beauty Haven

Pocket PA is amazing! Everything I need to help me run my business from booking clients in, to creating accounts, everything is covered. It's super easy to use and has some great time saving features. I will be recommending it to everyone I know who's a one-man (or woman) band. Brilliant!

Monika Flaga Hair

I found out about Pocket PA through Salon Services, and I decided to sign up. It was really easy to set up and Caro was so helpful when I was setting up my account, if I had any questions she replied quickly and helped me get everything set up. I now feel so much more organised. Everything is in one place and I love that I can see exaclty how much my income is. Being able to send reminders and confirmations of appointments make me feel professional. I love it.
Nicola Merritt

Nicola Merritt Beauty

I’ve been using this Pocket PA for a while now and it’s totally changed the way I work. I now have everything I need on my phone- diary, accounts, expenses and very importantly a running total of my earnings to incentivise me. Clients love receiving their appointment reminders and this has helped raise my profile too.
Bren Parkins – Knight

Food Stylist

I use Pocket PA for our small consultancy business and as someone who is well used to using various software I’ve found PocketPA my favourite. Easy to set up, intuitive and loads of bonus functions like text appointment reminders, easy invoice design, business expense tracker, mileage tracker, receipt keeper and much more. Fantastic value for the price.... perfect for a self employed person; your very own PA!
Jenni Draper

Microblading by Jenni Draper

I have been using Pocket PA for 2 months now and it has transformed the way I do all my business now. Life is so much easier, clients love it and I have an extra hour at least extra everyday to do more fun things than booking appointments and admin! Highly recommended!
Siobhan Patterson

Cut by Siobhan Patterson

Highly recommend Pocket PA to any freelancer like me. I'm no good with figures and accounting and all the business stuff so it's all taken care of. All I need to do is add my expenses, it even allows you to take a picture of your receipts, and all I have to do is send it off to my accountant. Easy!
Mel Miles

Enchanted Hair by Mel

Pocket PA has changed my whole business! It has everything I’ve ever needed and things I didn’t even know I needed! My accounts are now simple, appointments are so easy and the reminders to my clients ensure I never have no shows which is amazing as I’m self employed! Love, love, love it and wouldn’t use anything else!
Sarah Pollock

The Reflexology Place

Pocket PA has been brilliant for my growing reflexology business. It has made keeping records of my appointments, income and expenditure really easy and quick. It’s a joy to use and the customer service has been second to none. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other small business owners.
Nina Nicholson

Nina Nicholson Beauty

Pocket Pa has been a game changer for me. It is super easy to use, tracks all my appointments, income and spending, making my tax return a breeze. My clients love the text reminders they get about their appointments and ‘block booking’ saves me so much time! The technical support is also great! Caroline and her team are always available to help with any questions.


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