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No maths degree or spreadsheets needed.

All the financial information you need to manage your business, at your fingertips. Time to skyrocket your profits.

See how much you need to set aside towards your Tax bill & get yourself in the know to see how much you’re earning any week, month or year.

With one click you can also record income, expenses, snap receipts and see who still owes you money. Genius!

Get ready for your accountant to love you!

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NEW Tax Estimator Tool

Input all your income and expenses and let Pocket PA work out how much you need to set aside in readiness for your tax bill.

The more accurate the information you input, and the longer you keep your records, the more accurate it will be.

Choose from our default % amount or fine tune it and personalise it by inputting your own Tax saving level. You are always in charge.

Expected income due dial

Our Expected Income Due dial shows exactly what you will earn any week, month or year – no guesswork needed, just clear and simple financial information whenever you need it

Understand your profits

The red and green coloured profit dial gives you a simple overview of your business so you can feel confident and on top of your finances

Outstanding payments

With just one button you can check all your outstanding payments and see who owes you money and what’s left to be paid

Business expenses

Record every business expense in >30 seconds, just snap a photo, store your receipts and categorise, all on the go

Automatic spreadsheets

Get ready for your accountant to love you! Pocket PA can automatically create your income and expenses spreadsheets

Business mileage tracking

One click business mileage tracking without the faff, to make sure you claim back every mile you drive

Invoice templates makes it easy to collect fast payments

Fast invoicing using our coloured templates and see immediately what it looks like.

Brand it with your colours and logo and add a default

Add in your appointments or products directly relating to your clients or enter free text to any line to collect stand alone amounts.

No need for a maths degree to understand your finances. With Pocket PA you have everything you need to feel confident and on top of managing your business.

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And that’s not all….

Pocket PA is the digital assistant that connects your clients, appointments, sales, payments, invoices, expenses, and accounts. So you can manage and organise everything in one place.

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