Small but Mighty

You might work for yourself, but you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Our team is right behind you. Think of us as your cheerleaders offering advice, support and top tips. Celebrating your successes and working hard to make sure that Pocket PA offers everything you need to manage your business with confidence.

We may be small but together we are mighty. You could even say that every member of our team comes with their very own business superpower!

Caroline, Founder & Owner

Caroline is at the heart of everything Pocket PA. Creating a software platform from scratch isn’t easy – but Caroline’s enthusiasm for small businesses and her fiery determination keeps everything on track.
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Megan’s business journey is the inspiration behind Pocket PA. Now the owner of a successful beauty business,Megan's input and first-hand experience ensures the Pocket PA team is always focused on what freelancers and self-employed business owners need most.
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Working as a self employed electrician, Sam is living proof that whatever your passion. Pocket PA has you covered. Sam’s first-hand experience and advice is invaluable. Keeping us focused on a different angle, for what men need most from Pocket PA when working in small businesses.
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Olivia's sharp eye and work ethic make her the perfect team player to ensure any Pocket PA tasks she does are delivered on time and with precision and accuracy.
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Zak and Katie are our super testers, making sure that Pocket PA is always working as it should be. Nothing gets past this duo!
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Serhii, Head Developer

Serhii is the ultimate dream developer. Never one to shy away from the most complex of tasks, Serhii has gone above and beyond to ensure that Pocket PA is the only tool you’ll ever need to manage your business.
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Guy, Web Consultant

Guy is our super talented website developer. The master of all things technical, Guy can turn his hand to most complex of code and website tasks to make sure the Pocket PA website has everything our users need to know.
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Kayleigh, Branding & Design

Kayleigh is the mastermind behind all the imagery and branding at Pocket PA. With a flair for all things creative, Kayleigh always seems to know just how to make it pop.
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