Time to fill your appointment book. Maximise your time & keep clients coming back.

Our sophisticated yet simple to use advanced online booking system lets you spend more time with your clients. Fully customisable. Easy to set up and share. You can take bookings 24/7 which means you can be filling that appointment diary while you sleep!

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"Treatments are colour co-ordinated making it easy to see what appointments I have booked in for the day/week/month."

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Advanced online booking system

Our sophisticated yet simple to use advanced online booking system lets you spend more time with your clients – you can even take bookings while you sleep!

Payments in advance

Take payments in advance via your online booking system and reduce no shows and cancellations

SMS and email automated reminders

Use our SMS and email automated reminder / thank you messaging to send personalised messages and reduce no shows or forgotten appointments *SMS bundle add ons

Colour coded diary

Customise and colour code your diary so you can see your day/week/month ahead at a glance. Drag and drop appointments make it super simple to keep your diary up to date

Multipart and Split appointments

Handy if you need to block out time for processing, travel and prep time

Blocked, private and recurring appointments

Add blocked, private or recurring appointments into your colour coded diary so only available slots can be booked in your online booking system

Showcase your packages

Offer upfront packages and showcase all your services, then sit back and let your clients’ book in their services online

Link with Zoom

Connect with your clients using Zoom for online appointments, consultations or classes when you don`t need to meet in person.

Quick, simple and easy to schedule a meet up on Zoom - just ensure you have their email address and Pocket PA takes care of the rest.

Instant directions

Get instant directions from your calendar so you never miss or run late for appointments. You can even track it as business mileage with just one click

With Pocket PA you can fill your calendar, maximise your bookings and spend your time focusing on what you love.

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"The reminders to my clients ensure I never have no shows which is amazing as I’m self employed! Love, love, love it and wouldn’t use anything else!"

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And that’s not all….

Pocket PA is the digital assistant that connects your clients, appointments, sales, payments, invoices, expenses, and accounts. So you can manage and organise everything in one place.

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