Our Story

Pocket PA is the only tool you’ll ever need to manage your business. Made by Caroline Syson, with love and a passion for small business. But how did it all come together?

Small businesses make a big impact. They allow people to follow their dreams and turn what they love into their day job. Pocket PA is here to take care of the admin, leaving you free to focus on your passion.

How it all started

I’m Caroline Syson. I founded Pocket PA to make life easier for the self-employed solo business owner.

Running a small business can be overwhelming. But I want you to be able to focus on your passion. To spend your time doing what you do best. Without spending hours on business admin.

How do I know all this? Because I found it first out firsthand when my own children grew up and wanted to start their own businesses and became self-employed!

Pocket PA is simple, easy to use and lets you manage everything in one place. Giving you the confidence to build your business.
Made with love by a mum for her daughter

When my oldest daughter Megan was 19, she came home and told me she wanted to work for herself. I was super excited for her and very proud of her ambition.
I knew she had no business experience or understanding of cashflow or money. But I also knew that this should never hold someone back from following their passion and reaching for their dreams!

We searched for a solution to help Megan manage her business. There were so many apps available, all doing different things, but nothing that could manage everything all in one place. I just couldn’t understand why it was all so fragmented.

And that’s where it all started. I decided that if the tool didn’t already exist, then I would just have to make it for her! And so I did.

There didn’t seem to be anything all in one place to manage the many day to day tasks. If the tool didn’t already exist, I decided I`d make it.
Our journey so far

Building a tool from scratch hasn’t been without its challenges. It’s definitely been a rollercoaster journey especially as when I began I had absolutely zero experience in software!

The first version of Pocket PA came out in 2018 and while it was a resounding success for her, I knew it needed to go further. Working with a team of incredibly talented developers we launched V2 in 2020.

At every step of the journey, we have asked ourselves

‘Is this the simplest way to do or show something?’

‘What else do our customers need?’

The end result? V3 launched in 2021 and now it offers more features than ever before! Pocket PA is the one stop, simple to use, incredibly practical tool to connect your clients, appointments, sales, payments, invoices, expenses, and accounts all in just one place.

From bookings to book-keeping and everything in between, Pocket PA has been made to give you all you need to skyrocket your business journey

Join our family

I’d love you to join our growing Pocket PA family.

You might work for yourself, but you don’t have to do it all by yourself. The Pocket PA team will be right here doing the heavy lifting. Leaving you free to focus on what you love!

Looking forward to seeing your business grow and being part of your fabulous journey

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