5 simple ways to use Instagram polls to reveal great ideas and offers

Caro Syson

Instagram Polls on your stories are a great way to capture your Instagram follower’s attention. 

They are a new’ish feature that you will find in your Stories area and they are becoming extremely popular by businesses as a fun way to engage with followers as well as drive traffic to your Instagram page. 

On your Instagram stories, there are different options for you to choose between when it comes to engagement.

Your options to pick from are:

  • Classic Poll – (Just two answers to choose from)
  • Emoji slider 
  • Quiz- for your audience to take part in 
  • Questions- For your Audience to ask you anything through your story

Using Instagram polls gives you an excellent way to get to know your followers and what they like and dislike from your account. For example, you will be able to see how many people vote on your stories. This will give you an indication of how many people are interacting with your account. 

Interactivity also sends Instagram a clear message that your account is alive and well and they love seeing engagement so will reward you on showing up to bigger audiences.

Here are 5 different creative ways for you to use Instagram polls for you to showcase great ideas and offers within your business. 


1. Feedback and ideas 

We always want some kind of feedback from whatever kind of business you are. Therefore the best way to achieve this is by contacting your most popular clients. However, you may not want to phone people up for their feedback, so why not use your social media platforms to do so. This is the perfect opportunity for you to use your Instagram stories. 

For example, create a poll to give your audience different options to pick from to get the most reliable and current feedback possible. Encourage your audience to be honest. Polls are a fantastic way to boost your audience engagement and get first-hand access to what they really think.

Instagram stories are also a great way to get new potential ideas across to your audience to get an idea of how they feel about your thoughts and plans. Your customers are the best way to review new ideas, as they are the people using your products. No one knows what they like and dislike more than your customers. 

Get creative; go wild with your stories. Draw attention to your page to get your audience to interact. 


2. Make quizzes to boost Engagement

Getting caught up and lost in time on Instagram is very easy during a working day. We all think we are going to go on and come off again a couple of minutes later, but then you find yourself still looking at stories and posts 10, 20 or even 30 minutes later!

Using quizzes will help boost your engagement and can help liven up your follower’s day. And the best part is a quiz can be conducted around any topic or niche.

When creating a quiz make sure it fits around your brand identity with colours and images and giving multiple-choice or suggestions is great to get people started and encouraging them to easily pick their response without too much effort or brainpower.


3. Ask your followers what they want 

Understanding your followers is key. Knowing what they like to see and what they dislike will allow your business to become a lot more successful. If you are following what your Instagram followers like you will see a huge increase in engagement which will contribute to an increase in numbers to your social media platforms.  

Test the waters! Try out lots of different things on your story and see what gets the most engagement. This can be a start for your market research. You can also use the polls to specifically ask your followers what they are looking for. 

Polls come in handy because of the little time they require. They are quick to set up and they will stay on for 24 hours for everyone to see. You can also add other things around your Instagram polls to really interest your followers. The more time you can keep your followers on your Instagram stories the more engaging they will become and they will keep going back to check your page. 


4. Promote your website content  

This feature for your Instagram stories is great. It allows you to add links to your Instagram stories, which as a business owner is great. Rather than sending people to your bio, you can add a swipe up (if you are able to use this feature – needs 10,000 followers currently) or with a link in the bio - which in turn takes viewers straight to your website. 

Driving traffic through the use of social media is a fabulous way to attract customers to your company. This is important for small business owners, as social media is a large network of people all in one space.

By adding in your website link into your stories you will hopefully raise curiosity and you will see an increase in views of your website. 


5. Ask relatable and Entertaining Questions 

Valuable content is the first thing your viewers will want to see. If your content is not linking to your brand or if it’s too repetitive you can lose the viewers interest. The more entertaining and interesting content you produce the more viewers you will have coming back to interact with you. 

The key to success is to maintain the same brand aesthetics throughout your posts. This will keep your viewers curious and they will look for your page when they come on to Instagram. You may want to be informative with your page or you may wish to create some entertainment factor.  Either way be consistent, and your viewers will keep coming back. 

Using Instagram polls is a good way to do this as you are creating interactive content for them, so it encourages people to answer the questions you’re asking.

Giving your audience more options, so you could use the classic poll with the Emoji slider and being creative means, you are always thinking about the viewers when you are posting to your story. 

Caro Syson is the Founder of Pocket PA and is passionate about helping small business owners to reach their full potential in the easiest possible way. 

Pocket PA is a super easy system to manage your finances, accounts and gets you organised in your business to ensure you love your work and shine your light brightly.

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