Fine tuning your Money Saving Skills

Caro Syson

How good are you saving money? It’s ok to admit that you’re terrible at saving money, it’s ok to admit that you don’t even think about saving money. Many of us have issues and blocks around money, and that’s ok because it’s normal. 


Money blocks


However, looking deeper into what our money issues are and what blocks we have, can really help to open our minds to create better wealth for ourselves.


Saving money is an interesting subject, because it can also open our minds to other opportunities and abundance. What we focus on, grows. So if we’re focused on creating a nice little savings pot for a rainy day, we’re accumulating abundance and wealth, and we’ll attract more of it, simply through creating the space for money to grow.


The idea of saving might feel uncomfortable.  There are always people who are great at saving money and also those who struggle to save money, but you can teach yourself to learn how to save in a way that isn’t a struggle or uncomfortable.


What are your money thoughts?


Ask yourself why you think you struggle to save? It could be that you look at money and know that you’ll continue to earn more, which is great, however, putting some regualrly into a savings pot can really add so much benefit to your life and support your mindset around money.


Perhaps you grew up in a feast or famine environment, where the good treats were in the fridge at the beginning of the month and you had to eat them before your brothers and sisters devoured them all, because once they were gone that was it for the rest of the month.


You may have taken this feeling and continued to create this state within your finances, that you have to spend all of your money before the end of the month. It could feel super natural to you and you haven’t thought of it as a problem.


Maybe your parents weren’t savers themselves and never had enough money to reach that savings goal.


Be honest


Be honest with yourself and look into your personality and your emotional state. Are you spending to fill a void? Looking deeper can open a can of worms, but if you don’t look deeper, you’ll not be able to overcome any blocks or issues you have around money. 


We’re all in for working smarter and not harder, by earning more and stressing less. It sounds great in principle for sure but getting honest with yourself is the first step.


Do you spend all of your money because somewhere in your psyche you feel that something bad will happen if you have money in your account. 


Or perhaps you believe it’s greedy to have more than you need. Grab a notebook, a pen, and a cup of tea, and start jotting down all of your thoughts around money. Everything that comes into your head, get it written down.


How true are your money beliefs?


Then ask yourself how true each item is that you wrote. For example, you may write, people who have more than they need are greedy. Ask yourself, is it really greedy, or is it clever to have money there to support you?


Is it greedy to be able to have the money that gives you a secure sense of mind knowing there is savings there, or is that a great form of self care? Is it greedy to be able to take yourself on a relaxing break away, or is that actually just another form of self care?


Finding out what you truly think of money and questioning your beliefs and ideas around money can expand your awareness to be able to receive more than you previously have. Being clever with money can help it grow in incredible ways.


What would it mean to you to have a buffer of money, a pot of money that you don’t ‘need’ but allows you to feel financially secure? Does that thought bring you feelings of calm, or make you feel anxious? Do you feel you deserve money?


Do you think you have to work hard to earn money, or are you open to the idea that money can just flow to you? Allowing yourself to look after your self care, will allow you to work smarter. We don’t need to run ourselves into the ground to keep our heads above the financial waterline.


Give yourself permission


Start by giving yourself permission to save money. Say to yourself on a regular basis, ‘it’s safe for me to save money, it’s safe for me to have more than I need, it’s safe for me to look after myself and have money.’ 


Write it down or say it out loud to yourself every day, a couple of times a day. Believe it. Write it on postit notes and stick them around the house, and say ‘it’s safe for me to save money,’ whenever you see a post it note. 


Get saving 


Next set up a savings account but not with your normal bank. You need to make it difficult for you to raid the account, so it can’t be one you set up an app on your phone, because it’s easy to transfer the money in there to another account. 


Once the account is open, set up a small direct debit or standing order, something that is automatic and comes out of your current account each month without you thinking about it.


Set the date for the day after payday. Making sure you pay yourself first, putting yourself first will help secure the idea in your mind that you are important. Your dreams, your goals, your self care is important, so pay your savings account first.


Start small but increase that cash


Start small. You don’t need to go full throttle and start paying hundreds of pounds into your savings account straight away, unless you can afford to, of course. But, if you’re like most of us, you’ll need to start small and build it up.


Maybe start with a nomimal amount each month, and then when you’ve acclimatised to that amount going out of your current account, you can increase it. Then when you feel good about that and it’s become normal, you can increase it again. Keep increasing it in small amounts every time you’ve acclimatised to the new amount.


It’s safe to have money


You’ll soon see your savings pot grow without it having a massive effect on your current life or finances. It will soon become the norm for you and you’ll become comfortable with saving.


Being comfortable with your savings will open your eyes and mind to having enough, to always having enough, and then to having more than you need. It’s safe to have money, it’s safe to have more, it’s safe to save money.


Do let us know what things this blog has brought up for you. We all have a unique money story and journey and hearing more about other peoples can help us feel less alone.


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