How to ensure your payment methods are easy and convenient for your clients

Caro Syson

Payments are one of the biggest reasons we’re in business, right? That, and being able to do what we love, of course. But, let’s face it, we need to be earning money doing what we love otherwise we’re living in a hobbyland, and as much as having a hobby is great, hobbies don’t pay the bills.


Are you sabotaging incoming money?


So, ask yourself this - could you be sabotaging yourself from receiving money from potential clients? Is it a question you’ve asked yourself before? 


We hate to think it, but there are many ways we could be sabotaging the flow of money coming in and not even realise it. There’s no need to panic because we’ve got you, so read on to discover if there is anything you can do to ensure you’re making it as easy as possible for your clients, and potential clients, to give you money.


Have you ever sat back and looked at your payment processes? 


It’s easy to take for granted that our payment systems are working and easy to use, but checking them regularly will point out any problems that might be preventing you from making more bookings or taking more payments. 


Monthly tests can highlight any issues.


Test your processes monthly, you won’t regret it. A monthly test on your online booking system, or your payment system, or your ‘Buy Now,’ system, will highlight any tech errors that may have cropped up. 


Some people might email you and say’ hey, I’m trying to book with you but your link isn’t working,’ but let’s not assume everyone will tell you. How many customers would you lose if they can’t book with you, buy your product, or pay you?


If there’s a glitch in your system it could cost you money and repeat business. Most people will move on if they face problems booking or paying, so don’t let your potential clients look for someone else because your system isn’t working properly.


How easy is it for people to give you money?


Really easy, right? Is it? Look through all of your channels where potential clients can book with you, and look at how bright your ‘Book here,’ ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Pay Here,’ buttons are. 


Are they at the top of your website? Do they jump out as soon as your website is opened, urging people to book, reserve, or pay? Or are they blending into the background? 


Bright colours, bold font, and simple wording, such as Buy Now, Pay Here, Book Now, are obvious ‘calls to action’. 


It’s easy to get sucked into creativity and want fancy ‘call to action’ buttons like ‘are you ready to change your hair,’ or ‘nail art here,’ or ‘follow me to change your life,’ but these are confusing and the buyer has to work out what you mean. 


You could lose potential buyers because people don’t want to work out what the next step is, they want to be shown the next step to buy from you. Who has time for cryptic nowadays? 


People are busy, make it easy and quick for them to buy from you. Make it obvious. Make it easy. Make it stand out.


Online booking for customer ease


Pocket PA has a great online booking system, it’s simple to use, customers find it easy to navigate, and you don’t need to spend a fortune setting up an online booking system because it’s already a feature included in Pocket PA. 


If you want customers to have the option to book with you online, sign up to a 14 day free trial and find out how easy it is to start using online booking in your business.


Online booking means you can earn or take bookings while you sleep, and who doesn’t want that? Imagine waking up in the morning to a load of notifications of bookings that have come in and you hadn’t even been awake, spoken to anyone or had to send endless back and forth messages?  Blissful, right?


Are you mobile friendly?


Everyone uses their phones for everything nowadays, and with the ability to do everything from the weekly shop to booking  their next hair appointment or cookery class from their mobile phones, so how many people now even bother to log onto a laptop to run their lives? 


If your website or online booking system is not mobile compatible, then you could be missing out. Your website might look amazing on a laptop or computer, but what does it look like on a mobile or tablet? 


If it’s not compatible and mobile friendly, then it may look completely different when viewed on a phone. Are the ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Book Here,’ ‘Pay’ buttons obvious? Can the customer see everything you need them to see or do they have to scroll, scroll, scroll to even find them? 


Make sure your site is looking just as hot on a mobile as it does on a laptop.


Pocket PA is compatible with all devices, and looks just as hot to trot and easy to use on a laptop as it does on a mobile - just saying.


Card payments are today’s wheel


Can you imagine how much easier life got for humans when the wheel was invented? Being able to cart heavy goods around, travel many more miles without getting sore feet, the difference must have been huge!


Card payments are today’s wheel, the invention of such convenience means many of your customers are unlikely to carry cash with them. Contactless card payments have surged by 40.2% in 2021 in the UK alone. That’s huge!


Can you take cashews digital payments RIGHT NOW  in your business? Being mobile and having to travel to customers used to mean payment was made by cash, cheque, or bank transfer. Cash is now often inconvenient for the customer having to stop by the ATM. 


Cheque? Who? What? Do people still use these? If they do, how long do they take to clear? Can you trust the customer that gives you a cheque? Will it bounce? What a stressful payment method, do you need that sort of stress in your life?!


Having the option of taking card payments means you get the money instantly and no one has to go to the ATM. Customers will know how easy it is to book and pay you and are more likely to book your services again, and recommend you to others.


Perhaps you sell handmade knit wear at fairs, how many customers would you lose if you didn’t take card payments? Having the option for card payments means your payment options will never be the reason a customer doesn’t buy from you.


Pocket PA can take card payments, did you know? And you don’t even need to get a card reader! Say what? Yup you read that right - no card reader needed as we integrate with Stripe.


How handy is that? Mobile compatible, online booking, card payments, and so much more, but this article is about reviewing your payment methods, so we’ll keep it to payment convenience.


But, if you do want to find out more, sign up to our 14 day free trial. 


Make it easy for people to give you money, you won’t regret it.


Caro Syson is the Founder of Pocket PA and is passionate about helping small business owners to reach their full potential in the easiest possible way. 

Pocket PA is a super easy system to manage your finances, accounts and gets you organised in your business to ensure you love your work and shine your light brightly.

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