How to spot your D game and get back on track

Caro Syson

You have big dreams and goals and you think you’re on track, making them happen. You're certainly dreaming of them and putting your future self into that dream, but the current results aren’t working out quite as you expected. Sound familiar?


If that's the case then you could be bringing your D game and not your A game but how do you know? 


You’re working hard, you’re dreaming hard, but you’re not getting anywhere fast. You feel like you’re bringing your A game, you feel like you’re showing up each day and committing, but something isn’t quite right.


First of all you need to know the difference between D game behaviour and A game behaviour.


D game behaviour is keeping yourself small. You could be working hard at what you do, but you’re not applying yourself to grow. You make excuses for not meeting goals, or for not making plans to achieve those big goals and dreams. You’re not taking action towards those big plans, they’re sitting in the dream file in your brain, you’re thinking about them, but when it comes to taking any action towards them, you make excuses. 


D game behaviour and thinking is not going to help you achieve those goals you’re dreaming about. We’re big believers in dreaming about big goals. Here at Pocket PA, we love the tool of visualisation where we can see ourselves achieving those goals. However whenever something is a dream, it needs to be met with action. As great as it is to dream, if we’re not taking any action towards those dreams, we’re not going to achieve them.


Do you want to keep playing small? And it’s ok if you do and you are happy to stay in your comfort zone, but if you have those dreams and are set on achieving them, then playing small is not going to get you there. 


Are you procrastinating? Do you have ideas that in the moment they pop into your head get you super excited, but you don’t write them down and then forget about them? If so then that's another sign that you could be in your D game. 


Are you delivering results out of the bag, last minute without any prior planning and focusing? You’re playing your D game. 


Are you working super hard at something that won’t take you towards your goals or dreams? You’re playing your D game.


It’s ok to not realise you’re playing it small, playing it safe. But, if you’ve had a sudden light bulb moment, an ‘oh gosh, you’re right’ moment, then now is the time to take action and get yourself back on track, and back to your A game.


Plan, plan, plan


Make a plan. Write down those big goals, those big dreams you think about before you go to sleep and get them onto paper. 




Prioritise your goals and decide which one you want to work on first. It could be to expand your services, it could be to increase your sales, it could be to set up your own course. Whatever it is, write it down and then break the goal into smaller steps. Even a tiny step towards a goal is better than no steps.




Schedule some time into your diary when you’re going to work on these dreams. Blocking out time is making a commitment to yourself and to your dreams, and it can also be counted as a tiny step towards them. Go you!


Build a system to support you


Create a routine or structure that will help you work towards those dreams. Do you need to go back to college to become qualified in the extra service you want to offer? Set a routine that will help you study while you work. Does that mean studying early in the morning before work? Getting the step done before you work? 


Does it mean you block a day out of your schedule to implement the new marketing strategy you’re going to work on to create more sales?


Does it mean buying books to learn how to write great copy for your business? 


Do you need to hire some child care to free up some of your time to be able to apply yourself to your goal?


What system, what routine do you need to put into place to help you prioritise your dreams?


Action steps


Ignoring the urge you have to sit and write your book, is procrastinating. If you have the urge, then grab your pen and start writing. You don’t need to start writing the actual book content, you could be capturing the ideas that are beginning to flow into your mind.


Not capturing those ideas is also procrastinating. You don’t have to act upon every idea that comes into your mind, but capturing those ideas at the time is great as they could come in very handy at a later date. If you don’t capture them, they disappear out of your mind and may get lost, and never to be grasped again. Unless, you’re super lucky!


Stay open


Stay open to possibilities and opportunities that arise. There is an endless flow of opportunity and possibility around us, but only if we’re open to them. 


When we shift our mindset to that of an A game mindset, which is a mindset that is taking action, making notes, creating a system to help us work towards our goals - then we usually find that opportunities arise. Be open to opportunities and you’ll find that more will often come to you. A shift in mindset and perspective can be a game changer! Just what we want.


If you’ve read this and realised that you’re playing your D game then firstly, don’t worry, it’s ok. You can easily change your mindset by following all or some of the above tips. 


If you try any of them, do let us know how you get on. Send us your story on instagram or facebook as we LOVE hearing from you.


Caro Syson is the Founder of Pocket PA and is passionate about helping small business owners to reach their full potential in the easiest possible way. 

Pocket PA is a super easy system to manage your finances, accounts and gets you organised in your business to ensure you love your work and shine your light brightly.

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