How to Stand Out in A Crowded Market

By Charlie Fenwick

Societies are saturated. Communities congested.  Marketplaces are a maze of advertising and messaging.

Daily we are overwhelmed with imagery, colour, businesses, transport… absolutely everything has been stretched to its capacity.

As consumers, we love having the power to choose which service or product we wish to purchase. However, on the flipside, as micro business owners, this abundance of choice can suffocate or stifle your survival if you don’t find a way to stand out and shine brightly.

Follow our tricks below to stay one step ahead of the competition and remain unique and stand out in a crowded market …

Develop A Unique Point of Difference 

Your POD (Point of Difference) is the element that differentiates you and your business. Succeeding in this will forge a stronger connection with your target market.  Without this, consumers will assume you’re just another generic lash technician or cupcake baker. We understand this isn’t an easy ask, but the results will be worth it.

The easiest ways to establish a POD for your business is to:

  • Research your competitors. Explore every element of their business, from customer service, loyalty schemes, quality of products.
  • Reach out to your existing customers and retrieve their feedback on what they believe to be unique about your business just simply by asking them. From here, you can build on the knowledge they have given you and develop further ideas.

A POD doesn’t have to be complex or vast, in fact, the simpler the idea, the easier it will resonate with potential consumers.

Put Customers Before Profit

‘Customer satisfaction’ is a term that has lost its value in recent years.

Businesses, big and small, want to cut corners and reduce costs. Whilst there is nothing wrong about keeping a tight budget, his shouldn’t be at the expense of the consumer though.

Promote yourself and your personable qualities, as consumers don’t want to buy from faceless companies, they want to buy from people. Turning a first-time buyer into a repeat purchaser is a skill that many businesses haven’t quite perfected.  Hence why so many entrepreneurs see gaps in the market that they believe they can fill.

Think of the companies that have secured your repeat business.

Is it a brand that doesn’t care about your product concerns, your schedule requirements or your extenuating circumstances?

Or is it a brand that recognises you and your individual needs, choosing time and time again to go the extra mile for you?

And, is it a brand that employs people who are engaging, likeable and make you leave the shop/salon/website feeling better than when you entered?

If you want to remain unique in a crowded market, then embody the brand that you love to purchase from. 

Think Outside of the Box

As a consumer, it’s rare that all of your ‘boxes’ get ticked when undertaking a purchase. Therefore, take advantage of the position that you find yourself in as a micro business owner. You have the choice to curate a business that caters for the masses, in which the only limitation, is your imagination.

Inject yourself into your business further by drawing on passions of yours. If you feel in your element the most with a cocktail in hand and surrounded by your girlfriends, then host a ‘Thank You for Your Continued Support’ party at a local bar (also, a great way to partner with other micro-businesses to promote collaboration!)

Likewise, if you have a side passion for photography (alongside developing your core business) then incorporate ways that you can visually promote your brand in exciting and innovative ways.

You never know what will work, until you try.

Build on Your Strengths

We all like to think we’re great at absolutely everything (or is that just us at Pocket PA?!), but in reality, we’re not. Rather, we’re great a handful at things and only good at the rest.

No matter what your skill set may be, you can incorporate it into your brand.

Personable? Then you can charm the pants off of any wholesaler, potential client or next customer…

Good listener? Then you can hear the feedback that your customers and clients are giving you and build on it.

Motivated? Then you can build positive momentum around your small business that will rub off on those around you.

Able to breathe fire and sing 'Mamma Mia' at the same time? Then you’re the life and soul of any party and you need to inject that vibrancy and risk-taking into your daily routine.

At Pocket PA, we always want to maximise your exposure and opportunities by giving you a tool to ensure you stand out and always look professional and organised in everything you do. Keep an eye out for our future tips and tricks to help you stay relevant, original and sought after.