Mastering your Mental Strength to Boost Business Productivity

By Charlie Fenwick


The year that no one anticipated. Holidays cancelled, shops shut and social distancing becoming a lifestyle, rather than a jovial phrase.

Despite the ethos of ‘Support Small’ building momentum on digital platforms; it is understandable, that as the owner of a micro-business (MB), you are feeling the pressures of isolation on your businesses’ productivity.

By using our 5 easy tips, you can learn how to master your own mental strength and subsequently navigate your business through these uncertain times; as it has been proved that improving mental health can be one of the most important steps a MB owner can take to improve individual well-being, as well as for the sustainability of the business structure.


1. Establish what motivates YOU:

WHY did you start your business?

WHAT is the driving factor behind your business?  

As the months roll on, it is easy to lose track of the core values that motivate you. Establishing what it is precisely that encouraged you to initially start your business, will revive your ‘can-do’ attitude.

You can push yourself further, by sourcing an inspirational quote at the start of each day. Not only will this revive the ‘WHAT’ and ‘WHY’ but it will strengthen your mindset and reset your ambitions; so you choose to thrive, instead of survive.

Quotes such as:

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.’


‘It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.’ 

Additionally, spend time researching motivation books.

If you’re time poor then listen to Podcasts or download the audio version of books and play them as background noise. Pop culture icons such as Kevin Hart, Michelle Obama and Jennifer Hudson all have audiobooks that navigate how to achieve mental strength whilst providing a playful insight into their lives.


2. Open Communication:

Be completely and utterly transparent with all chains of communication within your business; from suppliers down to consumers. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and express your disappointments, as everyone is in the same boat.

Mental strength comes from overcoming weaknesses. Social media can be misleading, presenting perfection instead of realism. Communicating honestly will only resonate deeper with people and subsequently make your brand more relatable.

Make sure these channels of communication are overtly optimistic. Explain your concerns surrounding supply delays or cancellation of events… but flip it to discuss how you are positively responding to these hurdles.


3. New Ideas:

COVID-19 has disrupted pretty much everything. As frustrating as this is, it has also provided you with an exciting opportunity to try something new.

  • Do you have a fear of making videos to engage with consumers?
  • Do you feel more comfortable talking to people in person, rather than online?
  • Do you have a product channel that you want to try?
  • Do you want to offer a new service?

NOW is the time to explore these ideas. In order for your business to stand out in a crowded market you need to explore your USP (Unique Selling Point); because if you don’t differentiate yourself from competitors, you will never obtain a prominent position in your field of interest. Not only will this increase job satisfaction, but you will have broadened your business mindset and boosted your self-esteem; thus, promoting strong mental flexibility.


4. Collaboration:

Social distancing can be isolating and lonely, take this time to engage with as many likeminded businesses as possible.

For example, if you’re an eyelash technician, reach out to a nail or makeup specialist. By partnering up with neighbouring brands, you are not only actively engaging with other MB and satisfying your cravings for interaction, but you have the potential to multiply your consumer market through dual events and subsequently improve your financial security.


5. Set a Schedule:

Time = money.

Set a schedule for yourself as routine is critical for success. Platforms such as ‘iTime’ and ‘Due’ are time tracking apps that regiment your daily tasks in order to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by your workload but also to keep you accountable.

Remember to reward yourself for the hurdles you’re overcoming. Whether it's meeting a girlfriend for a takeout lunch at the park, an online exercise class or a new pair of shoes… positive reinforcement for your efforts will improve your productivity and keep you mentally motivated.