The most important Story your business needs to share

Ellie Yeardye

Sometimes it can be a challenge to know what story to share with others about your business.

Knowing what to include about yourself and why you started your business can be hard when you’re new to this. But it’s good to put out this information to your customers so they can really connect with your company and get to understand more about your journey. 

However, it’s also good to keep a little bit back about your business that stays out of sight so you don’t overshare and reveal all of your story at the get-go.

Every business owner should think about the future. Don’t get caught up with the short term. What would your vision be? Where do you see yourself going with your business? What are you looking to achieve and what progress is going to be made?  These will all form part of your story as it unfolds


About you 

To begin with, let your customers get to know you. Your customers will like you for the brand that you have created and the uniqueness of just being you. This means customers love to hear about a story and about how and why you got started.  Both the highs and the lows!

For instance, with Pocket PA. Our company was created because a mum wanted an app that could help her young daughter starting her new business. This gives Pocket PA a great background and context as to why the company started. This often interests the users and it can mean that self-employed business owners can relate to the story because they know the business owner might recognise some of their challenges – so this makes the story very relatable. 

A powerful story will connect you with your audience and customers because they will recognise your authenticity and desire to do well and want this for you too.  

People will be curious to watch your journey unfold and see how you face challenges and then celebrate your wins and empathise when you are struggling.

Sharing all of these together will really support your business and customers will really enjoy following your story. 


Your uniqueness/ potential

Whilst thinking about your business and your story it is also good to think about the unique selling point (USP) that your business has and weave that into your story. This also includes what uniqueness/ potential you have as a business owner. 

This will, of course, differ from business to business and person to person but there is always something that will make you stand out and differentiate you in a crowd and from your competitors.

Once you work it out, this can often make all the difference in creating a successful business.  Differences are to be celebrated and having something different to offer is exciting and this is what people will look for and their reason WHY they come to you.

A ‘value add’ doesn’t even have to be something of monetary value.  It could equate to some little ‘extra’ they are going to receive when they are using your business.

For example, are you are a massage therapist looking to get an edge in an already crowded market?

What could you do that would enhance your customers experience with you when they visit that will make your service memorable?

How about switching on an electric blanket under the sheet they lay on so it’s always cosy when they come in for a treatment on a cold winters evening.

Small things go a long way and don’t always involve big expensive gestures or outlay.

Mostly people remember HOW you make them feel when they are with you so brainstorm some things that would make your clients enjoy their experience with you even more.


Your future vision

Everyone loves a beginning, middle and an end and when telling your story, the ending you leave people with for now will be your plans for where you are going and what you would like to achieve in your business.

Share a vision with your clients for some medium to long term goals so they can understand where you‘re heading and be part of the ride.  It’s amazing what happens when you start to share your vision with others, as momentum can build quickly, and people love to help


So when you are sharing your story about your business journey be sure to include both the highs and lows, the reasons why you started and how it unfolded and if you can, include where you want it to go and what your aspirations are for the future.

Once your clients understand more of these things, they are much more likely to want to be part of your journey and help you to become a successful business owner, which will contribute to becoming a successful company

Caro Syson is the Founder of Pocket PA and is passionate about helping small business owners to reach their full potential in the easiest possible way. 

Pocket PA is a super easy system to manage your finances, accounts and gets you organised in your business to ensure you love your work and shine your light brightly.

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