Web App vs Native App - the pros and cons

By Caroline Syson

A ‘web’ application – also known as Web app – is a computer program/software tool that uses web browsers (e.g. Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox) and web technology (e.g. the Cloud, web servers) to perform tasks over the internet. You always need to be connected to 3G/4G or the internet for it to work.

A ‘native ‘application – is downloaded at the iTunes / Apple Store or from Google Play Store depending on if you have an iOS of an Android smartphone. Downloaded apps can often work without an internet connection but usually offer a lower level of functionality compared to their Big Brother web apps and require storage space on the device its stored on.


Pocket PA is designed to be used ONLY as a web app so there is NO 'companion/helper' Native app that needs downloading from the Apple or Googleplay stores


Benefits of a Web Application

1. Web apps can run across multiple devices (phones – both apple & android, tablets, computer laptops) on many different browsers (e.g. Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox)

2. Web apps, therefore, don’t crash and are more stable than native apps making it a more user-friendly experience in the main

3. Any updates and fixes to bugs can be made very quickly on Web apps compared to native apps where these have to be pushed through to users via the iTunes or Google Play store

4. Webapps don’t need to be ‘installed’ or downloaded to a hard drive or take up storage space

5. Web apps are always available with Wi-Fi internet / 3G / 4G connection and deliver powerful real-time information that synchronises very fast between your devices.

6. Web apps are more cost-efficient for the software provider to develop and deliver high-level functionality and they require less maintenance than a native app

7. Web apps allow very high-level data storage and complex tasks to be performed over the internet at high speed which might otherwise be slow and difficult to achieve using a Native App


Using Pocket PA as a Web App

Pocket PA is best used as a web application that you can use on any phone or tablet or laptop/desktop computer across multiple devices.

Its mobile-friendly so works very well on the go in your smartphone and gives a similar experience to when you use it on a larger computer or tablet device.

If you want to use it on your phone or tablet, we recommend you make a short cut or bookmark it to your home screen so you can press just one button and access the full Web app version quickly and easily. To do this watch this video here.


Summary Take away points

1. Use Pocket PA as a web app

2. Save the web app to your smartphone home screen so it’s always easily accessible

3. Using a Webapp means it seamlessly synchs the data so it can be seen instantly on any device with internet or 4G data


Try Pocket PA for 14 days on the free trial and see how it can transform your own business directly from your smartphone!