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Knits and Bobs KLR

Kireen Rooney is a serious knitter and has created a beautiful brand of knitwear - Knits and Bobs - from her passion and hobby which she now sells on Etsy.

The fact that I can take payments remotely and send invoices really easily makes Pocket PA a vital business tool for me.

Tell us what got you started to setting up your own business?

I'm a self-confessed knitting addict. It's a very therapeutic activity which I enjoy immensely. I love the creativity it allows me to showcase as well as see the pleasure from those who wear my creations.

I started selling my knitted accessories when people kept asking me where I got my own personal knitted items from. I've not looked back ever since I set up my online shop on Etsy a year ago. I've been selling steadily throughout the year and even held my first Christmas stall locally in St Albans which was a great success.

The main focus of my brand advocates the slow fashion movement. I created the #knititslow hashtag to promote awareness of how affordable handmade and bespoke fashion can be if you shop from small businesses and do your research.

It's also about the importance of educating yourself about the wider consumerism issues in the fashion industry and our responsibility to ensure fair trade and consider the environmental impacts some of our choices.

I feel totally in control of my bookings and income. Sending out email reminders is so <br>professional and all my clients love it!
Can you share with us your biggest achievement the last 12 months?

I would say my most proudest achievement is continuing to have consistent sales  but more so with several repeat customers. This support means a lot to me as I know that people genuinely enjoy my knit wear because they keep coming back. I also think that having a social media presence for my business has really helped to make my mark as a local knitter and independent business. Keeping it real and organic is the key to social media success for me. I'm not concerned about the number of 'likes' necessarily associated with what I post but just happy that I'm able to share what I do across the globe.

Where do you see Knits and Bobs going in the next year?

I'd like to continue to grow my business online and definitely host more market stalls.

How do you use Pocket PA in your business?

It's a fantastic and easy to use tool to help me stay on top of my knitting orders.

It allows me to store all details who my top clients are and the diary function is great for blocking out the right amount of time to ensure I don't take on too many orders.

And also the fact that I can take payments remotely and send invoices really easily - this makes Pocket PA a vital business tool for me. 

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