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Louise Bourns Mobile Hairdresser

Louise is a mobile hairdresser and loves using Pocket PA to organise her business admin and would definitely recommend Pocket PA as it's simple and easy to use.

Louise loves how organised Pocket PA makes her business admin.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to becoming self-employed

I've been a hairdresser for 27 years. I used to work in a salon, and while I loved it, after having my second child I didn't want to work weekends. I wanted more time freedom and to fit my work around the child.

Even though it was super scary, I decided to make the jump from being employed to working for myself.

It was tough because not long after I made the jump, the world declared a pandemic and we were thrown into lockdown. I'm now so busy with clients that I can honestly say it's the best move I made.

I love working for myself and having the time and freedom to spend weekends with my family.

I feel totally in control of my bookings and income. Sending out email reminders is so <br>professional and all my clients love it!
How were you managing your business admin before Pocket PA?

When I started working for myself I was using a paper diary that I had to remember to take to every booking. I was keeping my receipts in a folder and notebooks, it wasn't organised and not how I wanted to keep my business admin.

I wanted to be more organised and when I received the leaflet about Pocket PA, I signed up straight away. It was exactly what I was looking for and came at the right time.

I haven't looked back since.


What's been your experience using Pocket PA?

I love using Pocket PA. It was easy to set up, it's simple to use. It keeps me organised with all my business admin in one place. 

The diary feature makes me feels so professional, and it's like the one we used in the salon I used to work at. 

I love that I can see how much I'm set to earn, it's all in the income feature and it helps when planning family trips.

The business mileage feature is also really helpful. I'm a mobile hairdresser and can travel up to half an hour to an appointment, so being able to track my miles is also helpful.

I also love the camera feature. I simply take a photo of my receipt and stores it in my account, so I no longer need to keep a folder full of them.




What would you say to someone thinking about signing up to Pocket PA?

I'd say 'do it!' I definitely recommend Pocket PA. It's simple and easy to use.

I love that everything is all in one place. It keeps everything organised, and I can use it on my ipad or phone, anywhere at any time.

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