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Nicola Merritt Beauty

Nicola Merritt is an experienced beautician in St Albans who has a real flair for making every customer feel special. Everything from nails to massages & more!

I’ve been using this little tool for a while now and it’s totally changed the way I work. I honestly love it and couldn’t be without it

Tell us about the background to starting to work for yourself?

I started out working for myself in the beauty sector following the birth of my 2nd child. 

Basically, I’d had enough of working for someone else and I finally needed something for me.

I started out with Massage and everything else just followed on

I feel totally in control of my bookings and income. Sending out email reminders is so <br>professional and all my clients love it!
What's been your biggest work achievement over the last 12 months?

I'm really proud of how my business has grown year on year and seeing an increase in my turnover (pre-Covid!)

Continued client retention has given me a very loyal customer base which makes me feel proud.

What has the next 12 months got in store for you?

If I’m doing as well next year as this year (again pre COVID) then I’ll be happy!

Its been so hard having to close for such an extended period and I have missed seeing my clients so I am looking forwards to getting back on track without interruptions so I can do just what I love.

How has Pocket PA made a difference to your business?

Pocket PA has totally changed the way I operate my business. 

From reminding clients with SMS‘s to making me aware of what I’m earning (and spending!) on a daily basis and so much in between.

I honestly love it and couldn’t be without

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